The Vegan Burger Recipe

Vegan Burger Recipe

You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy a great vegetarian hamburger recipe. It can be enjoyed by vegans, vegetarians and almost everyone who loves a healthy lunch or dinner. You can buy the expensive products found in the frozen section of the local diet food store for about a dollar each, or you can cook them yourself in your own kitchen. Vegetarian burgers usually contain a mixture of vegetables and other ingredients such as onions, lentils, black beans, nuts, almonds, rice, sprouts, mushrooms, oatmeal, and other ingredients such as dairy products, eggs, and cheese that are not considered vegan.

good vegan burger

Those who are vegans will not eat hamburgers containing animal products.

Even those of you who love hamburgers in the traditional way with bacon, cheese, mayonnaise and, of course, enjoy all the meat in a hamburger, can enjoy a good vegan burger. There are even some of these types of burgers that, if you didn’t know what you were eating, you probably couldn’t see the difference.

So what is a good vegetarian hamburger recipe and how are they made? The biggest problem that people may have when cooking one of these hamburgers is keeping them together. This problem is solved by lightly drying a preformed hamburger in a dehydrator, read more about burgers in this article.


Then we take all these ingredients and mix them in our Vita-Mix blender, take the final mixture and form them into empanadas and place them on the Teflon sheets that come with your dehydrator. Then you dehydrate the hamburgers for several hours at several different temperatures; turn them on once in the process, and when they are ready, you will have tasty and healthy hamburgers.