Survive Apocalypse with Emergency Preparedness

Understanding how to survive not only means being creative and resourceful it also means having the ability to reconstruct society along with other survivors. Thinking of a future with no infrastructure, medical assistance, entertainment websites, internet and all those things we take for granted now created a list of abilities that will provide you a fantastic advantage to live on after Apocalypse or anything else will come.

  • Sewing: clothing and quilts, reuse of older cloth
  • Work with wool: By wool to spun yarn there is a lot to do: scouring, combing spinning And you can find out about everything online or by the grand granny
  • Preparing Food: Cooking on an open fire, making food lasting, baking bread, concealing and gutting animals
  • Working with leather: wash and prepare raw hide, make shoes, bags
  • Knowledge of herbal medicine you can find in Nature
  • Cultivation of vegetables and medicinal herbs
  • Making fire with no matches with sunlight and a broken jar
  • Candle making with leftovers from meals preparation
  • Carpentry and making dry walls
  • Making soap and other hygiene products
  • Entertaining people: singing, dancing, telling stories, organizing events
  • Creativity: finding ways to deal in new situations or fix broken things
  • A Survival Mindset
  • Physical and Mental strength

However, these skills are useful once you endured disaster. Surviving the disaster itself is much more demanding.  It is difficult to get ready for something if we do not understand what we will strike. It might be natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes or social unrest and terrorist attacks.

emergency preparedness

We also teach advanced emergency preparedness survival methods to selected personnel who might become isolated from their own powers, like when working behind enemy lines. The four fundamentals of survival stay the same, however, we substitute place with evasion. The military definition of evasion is known as: being able to live off the land while remaining undetected by the enemy.

 This involves learning how to create a shelter that  cannot be seen, the way to keep up a fire which does not give away your position, and how to allow your forces know where you are but stay unnoticed by the enemy.

Useful skills include lighting a fire, finding refuge, which makes water safe to drink, identifying and finding food, treating injuries, and climbing, swimming, and using specific or makeshift tools. Almost all survival skills are environment specific and need training in a specific environment. Learn basic survival skills, like how to prevent getting lost, how to build a shelter, how to pack a survival kit.