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In the entire multi-course meal that people consume scrumptiously, they always look forward to the most special dish which arrives at the end, the dessert. Various kinds of enchanting desserts based on culture and tradition have made notable signatures throughout history to satiate the savory palate of humans. A great amalgamation of cake and biscuit brought into existence this lovely delicacy called “Macaroon”. The invention itself was a boon and other countries brought amazing versions. The best macaroons, Singapore has, are varied in taste and presentation both.

There are several shops spread wide across the country that sell macaroons like hot cakes. They understand the demand of flavors and experiment accurately to provide some of the best macaroons in town. Here are a few of them,

  1. Ti Yan Patisserie- They offer the most extraordinary flavors like the Mandarine Velvet and Ruby Red Fruits flavor in macaroons whilst also teaching this fantastic French art cuisine to the eager beavers.
  1. Crème Maison Bakery- This can be the best joint for celebrating occasion that involves tiny tots as they provide cute little macaroons with the obvious aesthetics like confetti and unicorn shaped ones that are perfect to excite the children.
  1. Nanatang: Bake house and Studio- This kiosk bakes customized macaroons and also conducts workshops for parents who wish to learn this flavorful dessert for their kids.
  1. The Frosted Chick- They deliver some special styles of macaroons that include pistachio, Earl grey and strawberry shortcake which will definitely spoil people of all age groups.