Know more about the arrival of tattoos

Tattooing has been a Part of human culture and could be found across the world among cultures. The first tattoo to date has been found on the famous Iceman mummy. Estimated to have lived around 3300 BC and found in 1991 in the northern Italian Alps, the mummy revealed approximately 57 tattoos on its ankles, back of the knees and lower back. It is thought that these tattoos were for medicinal purposes a kind of acupuncture. Tattoos have been found on Egyptian mummies though only female and are evidenced in many cultures worldwide, such as Greek, Ainu, Mayan, Aztec, Norse and Saxon. Tattooing in Asia is thousands of years old.

Polynesians have one of the tattooing civilizations on the planet. The word tattoo comes from Tahitian word tatu which means to mark something. The history of the tattoo at the Egyptian civilization reaches back more than two thousand years, and Egyptian tattoos are considered one of the most complex and detailed. For Polynesians, tattooing is deemed spiritual and occasionally can cover the whole body. Even today, the tradition of tattooing by hand is considered almost sacred by Polynesians, and the craft is passed from father to son, much like serving an apprenticeship.


The Hawaiian culture is renowned for its own tattoos. From the Hawaiian society, traditional tattoo art, called kakau, is performed not just for the purposes of both individualism and ornamentation but also to protect one’s soul, health and well-being. Visit to the siteĀ to have the best experience with tattoos. Hawaiian tattoos are generally intricate, mimicking elements of nature such as leaves, reeds, plants, and specific animals of nature such as lizards, tortoises, fish or butterflies. Around 1000 AD, Settlers became known as the Maori and found their way. By the 19th and 18th centuries, their civilization had been developed by the Maori . One notable aspect of the culture was the development and application of the tattoo, which was known as the moko. In this culture, moko or the tattoo was used to portray tribal affiliation, standing and ancestry. Known for the complete face tattoo, the Maori tattooing has been really performed by dividing and chiseling skin. The Maori used their ability to make designs in their own skin. The custom of tattooing or dividing also enlarged to the lower chest, extending from the waist to the knees. All Polynesian peoples have a thread when it comes to tattoos. They believe that a person’s soul or life force can be reflected in their own tattoo and so it is a tremendous significance in their culture.