Buy a new HRIS and save money!


Yes, yes, I know this is a crazy concept at a time when human resources departments are likely to request to cut their budgets, instead of increasing them, but stay with me. Perhaps you can increase the functionality of your staff and their salaries and at the same time save money for your company.

Large national payroll companies historically have not offered the flexibility and capabilities offered by software companies or other services. Large national payroll companies also tend to be much more expensive than many other market players.


Many of the involved in the development of human resources and salary software have achieved very good results because they offer an excellent alternative in the field of human resources and salaries compared to national products to calculate salaries at a lower price with More flexibility and features If you use one of these services, I recommend that you take a look at what other products offer to see if you can save on your human resources and labor costs. Read below a real example of savings.

Real life example

In 2008, when dealing with a reseller of human resources and payroll software, we saved 1,200 employees of the manufacturing company over $ 120,000 in payroll and human resources costs over a period of three years.

How did we do this?

The example of the production company proposed above used one of the national payroll companies to calculate the payroll. They used to manage staff who did not integrate very well with their payroll product. They also had a time collection system and a GL package that did not speak with an existing payroll product.