An Overview of StarLash Eyelash Growth Serum

Ever since a certain Anti-glaucoma medication was found to encourage eyelash growth, cosmetics companies have been scrambling to come out with their own products which will guarantee longer lashes within two months time. Because of this, the eyelash market was flooded with goods hoping to split names for them in this highly competitive area. A fantastic example of such a product is StarLash.

How do you use StarLash? It is advised that you use the item in the evenings and in the evenings before bedtime. Dip the provided applicator wand in the eyebrow growth serums solution. With the tip of the wand, draw a line with the solution along the edge of the eyebrow and then coat the lashes directly starting from the roots moving to the tips. With regular use, the product guarantees you will see results within 4 months.

The Issue with StarLash is that there are just a couple unbiased reviews on the item. A visit to their site is only going to supply you with glowing testimonials with very little concrete information on how the product worked. If we will have a look at these few testimonials, you will find that the comments are comparatively mixed. A lot of women have said that the product made good on its promise of longer lashes over the four week period, but in addition, there are a great deal of women who claimed that they did not find any results in any way.

All were unanimous in saying that they did not encounter any untoward side responses eyelash growth products. But, due to the presence of parabens, I could not recommend StarLash to women that are undergoing treatment for cancer. Another drawback for StarLash is its cost. With its cost of $80, it is extremely expensive for the typical cosmetics user. As it produces mixed results, most women would rather buy cheaper products which produce better outcomes.