How to Choose a Storage Facility

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We are a generation of collectors. We have large houses which equates to more stuff. Soon our homes are overflowing and we have no more room. If you cannot bear to give away, sell, or donate your items then consider placing them in storage. If you have things to put in storage but do not have the room in your attic or garage then think of using a climate controlled storage facility. These facilities have climate controlled storage rooms that can be kept at a steady temperature at all times.

Climate controlled storage facilities are perfect for storing items that might be susceptible to mold and mildew. Papers, photo albums, music albums and tapes, and clothes can easily get moldy if left in a hot and humid storage unit. Many of these items are impossible to replace and should be stored carefully.

Most storage facilities offer you a choice of renting a climate controlled unit or a regular uncontrolled unit. The regular units that are not climate controlled can get very warm inside and also very cold. Remember that there are no windows on the unit. Most just have an overhead door.

If you live in a hot climate or if you will be storing items over the summer you may want to play it safe and rent a climate controlled unit. Any type of plastic or vinyl could warp or melt while in storage. Likewise, in the winter months, items can freeze, crack, and break.

If your storage items do start to get too warm and they start to get moldy then any clothes packed away may be ruined. Mold is extremely hard to get out of fabric. This also applies to curtains, towels, sheets, etc. Once they are moldy they will usually always start to smell too and then they should be thrown out.

The cost of renting a climate controlled unit is usually more money than one that is not climate controlled. This additional cost is well worth it when you think of the important items you are protecting while in storage.

Some storage facilities offer specials. Some offer the use of their own moving truck for a day. Some give you the first or last month free. Some will run specials if they find they have too much inventory on a particular sized unit. Better to have them rented out then to sit empty on their lot.

Another thing to consider is if the storage facility is secure. Is it gated? Is there always an attendant? Would you have a gate code? The ones that have open access might be a lot cheaper but is it really worth the risk? Everyone knows that people store away valuable items so be safe now, rather than sorry later, and rent out a storage room from a secure facility.

Remember to research and compare all aspects before choosing a facility. While one might give you 2 months free to move in, it might be on the opposite end of town from you so you would be spending more money in gas to visit your stuff. Is that really worth it? Location, Price, and Options are the things that you should be comparing in order to make an educated decision on where to store your items.

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